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Axis Demat account opening

Axis Demat Account Opening, an easy process to complete will enable you to gain a gamut of added benefits and features. Smart Money Grow helps you open Axis Demat Account in easy way and without going anywhere. Just upload your ID Proof and start trading in just 5 minutes.

Why Should You Open Axis Demat Account

One of the plus points of Axis Demat Account Opening is that you will get an account with NSDL – India’s First Depository. Axis Bank has been enrolled as a Depository Participant by the NSDL – India’s first depository. Now, you can avail of all the depository-related services by just opening an account with NSDL through Axis Bank. It is the right account that helps you easily convert your physical holdings into electronic form, for easy access and trading.

Benefits of Axis Demat Account Opening

The Axis Bank Demat Account is the best source to enable easy conversion of shares from physical holdings to electronic units along with simplified transfer, settlement and overall management of shares in smooth and hassle way. You will get access to your holdings and transactions from anywhere by using Internet Banking or Mobile App.

  1. Easy Dematerialization and re-Materialization of Shares
  2. Easy Share Transfer and Management
  3. Automatic Electronic Transfer of Dividends and Interests
  4. Pledging Your Electronic Shares to Avail a Loan

Speed-e Facility offered by Axis Bank is an ideal way that enables faster transactions as instructions for delivery of securities is required instantly to broker’s account after sale of securities. You as a customer can submit delivery instructions through an electronic form by using the Speed-e Facility.

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