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3 Ways to Kick Start Your Investment Journey in Stock Market

Having spent over 15 years in Capital markets and knowing that over 80% of new account holders are first time investors and most of them find it difficult to understand and sometimes experiences which led to believe it’s place for gambling, I’d like to share my insights through what I like to call.

3 W’s of it- Why, What & When.

But before moving onto W’s of it” I’d like to set a reasonable expectations that one can have from markets.


We will never be rich/Crorepati from the stock market overnight.In fact, may be not in 1 or 2 years unless of course we start with 1 Crore. Be patient enough to give time to investments to grow and take advantage of time. Remember, Rome was NOT Built in a day.

Long Term

This term has always baffled me. Actually, makes me wondering that how long is long enough to be considered as long term?? Some experts say, 1 year and someone like billionaire investor Mr. Buffet says it’s holding onto stocks forever. In my opinion, both the statements are very unreasonable.

Agree that we can’t be expecting marvelous returns from market in a year but holding onto our investments for eternity won’t do much good to us other than giving sense of security or building wealth for our generations to follow. We won’t be living to enjoy it.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure that we must be patient with our investments and have a long term view. The longer, the better.

Now, to W”s of it-


Some invest to earn daily income,some trade full time and make or atleast try to makeliving out of it because of freedom it provides. And then there are people looking to recover their previous losses with almost similar approach with led them to losses at first place. For me, when I had started working, it was to join inFIRE (Financial Freedom & Retire Early) movement. Identify your why for yourself.


Gone are the days when brokers relied solely on intuition to guide investment decisions, leading us into uncertain territory with little research or strategy. Today’s stock brokers leverage cutting-edge technologies to conduct thorough research and offer sound recommendations. In this era of advancement, embracing the convenience of online platforms has become the norm, allowing investors to access valuable insights and make informed choices.

Speaking of smart investments, just as in the world of stocks, it’s essential to approach the realm of online casinos with a discerning eye. When seeking thrilling entertainment and potential winnings, savvy players are turning to reliable platforms that offer enticing online casino deals. These deals provide players with exclusive bonuses, free spins, and other incentives, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Similar to stock investments, beginners in the online casino landscape should stick to reputable platforms with a proven track record of delivering favorable results. Consider those with a long history of providing entertaining games and ensuring a fair gaming environment. As you navigate the exciting world of online gambling, staying informed and making strategic choices will undoubtedly contribute to a rewarding experience.

Do remember, as a beginner, we must stick to basics and invest in companies with actual profits, and a long history of delivering favorable results. Most of these companies, you already must have heard in your daily routine.


As a saying goes “Right time to plant a tree was 20 years ago”. Start early, reap maximum benefits. You would be surprised to know what a difference couple of years can make in your overall portfolio. Since we are sticking to basics, just know that a 25 year old investing 10K monthly in stocks will have higher corpus than a 35 year old starting with 15K a month till 60 years of age.

Make a monthly routine to invest in stocks to yield maximum returns, corpus 5-10 Cr is in pretty must achievable if we can follow just the basics of investment.