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Life Insurance


Life is uncertain and problems may raise head all of a sudden – leave your family and dependants in trouble. A few simple steps in the direction of insuring your life can give you peace of mind. Choose the right life insurance policy and better secure your family and loved ones, even in your absence with financial stability.

It is the only way that keeps your goals protected and makes you and your loved ones to achieve them successfully. A small amount monthly for the given time turns a bigger amount and brings to you a number of benefits that you will enjoy and of course your family (after you).

A premium that you pay towards a life insurance policy is eligible for tax deduction under section 80C up to certain amount of money (that is Rs 1.5 Lakhs).

Apart from favorable tax benefits, you will get death cover- that is tax-free (to the beneficiary). In addition, cash value grows tax deferred for the duration of the insured’s lifetime.

Just keep paying premiums continue and you will be able to keep the money in the account, accruing interest and it continues lifetime.

Smart Money Grow (SMG) is your trusted partner helping to choose the right Life Insurance policy and provider in just a few clicks.

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