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Demat Account and Its Importance?

Investors are allowed to hold securities (trading and share marketing) either in physical or electronic format. However, with increasing use of electronic format and use of advanced technologies, it has far easier to monitor dematerialized counterparts. It is also important to have a Demat Account for trading and share market – mainly because of having difficulty in buying or selling securities in physical form.

Every investor looks for easy share transfers, faster dematerialization and re-materialization of securities along with pledging facility to avail loan. You need to reach the right platform to start trading through demat account. Sharekhan online demat account – far easier to open it, has truly changed the way of trading with zero brokerage.

Having Sharekhan Online Demat Account means you can transfer your holdings through a DIS or RIS to buy or sell shares. You will get faster dematerialization and re-materialization of securities. In addition, you will get multiple accessing options with speed e-facility. You can also get various added benefits like dividends, refunds and interest. You will get automatic updates of bonus issues, right shares and stock split.

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You need complete assistance in hassle process for Sharekhan online demat account. At Smart Money Grow, you will get complete assistance in start trading and share marketing through your Sharekhan Online demat account. We offer you an easy and hassle process to open account in just 5 minutes. Upload the essential documents and start trading in hassle way.

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